Remedies for Adult Ear Infections

Adult ear infections are effectively treated with Chinese herbal remedies. Antibiotics for ear infections is not the best or healthiest treatment. Chinese herbal ear infection remedies consist of natural antibacterial and antiviral herbs that are gentle in action compared to antibiotics and which have been time-tested over many centuries of use.

Ear Infections and Antibiotics

Western medicine doctors prescribe antibiotics for ear infections because they aren't aware of safe, alternative treatments such as Chinese herbal remedies. Certainly, in cases of mild ear infections and recurring ear infections Chinese herbal remedies are a better, healthier choice of treatment.

However, if you have a severe bacterial infection (anywhere in the body) with a high fever, antibiotics are probably your best initial treatment to bring the infection under control. You can also take Chinese herbal remedies at the same time as antibiotics, and after a course of antibiotics to consolidate the effect and prevent recurring ear infections.

Introduced below are several Chinese herbal ear infection remedies that herbalists may use for ear infections in adults.

Remedies for Adult Ear Infections

1. Coptis Resolve Toxin Pills (Huang Lian Jie Du Wan in Chinese)

This first ear infection remedy is a very strong herbal antibiotic. It contains some of Chinese medicine's most powerful antibacterial herbs - coptis, scute, phellodendron and gardenia.

It is an effective natural alternative to Western antibiotics and may be used for treating localized infections such as acute ear infections and sinus infections, as well as systemic infections, such as blood infections.

For ear infections in adults, symptoms may include pain and inflammation of the eardrum, yellow ear discharge, fever, and possibly headache and sore eyes.

2. Gentiana Combination (Long Dan Xie Gan Wan)

This second remedy treats ear inflammation, pain, swelling and yellow discharge due to excessive heat in the liver/gall bladder system. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) organ problems involve not just the organ itself but also their related body parts or areas.

The liver/gallbladder system, in TCM, includes the eyes, ears and sides of the body. Excessive heat in the liver or gallbladder system is often due to faulty diet, such as from too much alcohol and fried foods, and from emotions such as irritability, frustration and anger.

For this remedy to effectively treat ear pain, inflammation and discharge, etc, you would also have to adjust your diet and balance your emotions.

3. Minor Bupleurum Combination (Xiao Chai Hu Tang Wan)

This herbal remedy is not specifically an ear infection remedy. It is a very famous and often used harmonizing formula that re-balances you after you've had (or are still getting over) an ear infection, severe flu or other infection.

Often, after an infection has cleared up you may still feel run down and tired, with little interest in food, a mild fever and chills, and a general feeling of not having completely recovered.

This remedy works to boost digestion, strengthen immunity and clear lingering infections.

These are just a few of many possible Chinese herbal remedies for adult ear infections. To find out which remedies are best for you you should consult a trained practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine. If you are not sure where to find one see the FAQ page (No.9). Let me know if you have any questions.

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