Alternative Hemorrhoids Treatment

Looking for alternative hemorrhoids treatment? Chinese herbal hemorrhoids treatment is a natural, effective way to stop hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoid treatment comes in the form of a topical cream, while internal treatment comes in pills, powder or liquid and restores balance to the affected internal organs. Dietary and lifestyle modification are usually also needed at the same time because it is imbalances in these areas that often cause hemorrhoids.

A typical description of hemorrhoid symptoms and signs includes:

  • Stools with bright red streaks of blood
  • Possible feeling of something in the anus
  • Possible leakage of mucus from the anus
  • Irritation and itching around the area
  • Blood-streaked toilet paper
  • Blood in toilet water
  • Possible pain due to hemorrhoid being swollen
  • External hemorrhoids will be visible

Chinese Medicine and Hemorrhoids

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) generally divides hemorrhoids into two types - excess and deficient. Basically, hemorrhoids of an excess type are caused by over consumption of rich, fried, greasy, spicy foods which over time create excess heat in the bowels, resulting in red, painful hemorrhoids.

Basically, deficient type hemorrhoids are due to a weakness in the body's vital energy (called qi). There may be soft or prolapsed hemorrhoids in such cases, along with leakage from the anus and diarrhea. It is possible for a person to have aspects of both types. The only way to know is through a TCM diagnosis from a qualified practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine.

Chinese Herbal Remedies As Alternative Hemorrhoids Treatment

There are available Chinese herbal ointments for use in external hemorrhoid treatment. These are applied directly to the affected area several times a day and contain herbs to stop pain, itching and bleeding.

There are also a number of Chinese herbal remedies for hemorrhoids in pill, powder or liquid form which address the internal imbalances that cause hemorrhoids. One such remedy called Fargelin for Piles is particularly effective at clearing heat in the bowels and stopping pain and bleeding associated with hemorrhoids.

Generally, short-term cases require only a bottle or two. Chronic, long term cases may require 6 or more bottles to get the desired result. A balanced diet and lifestyle will most definitely also be needed to bring a long lasting cure.

Chinese Medicine Diagnosis

If you are interested in taking Chinese herbal remedies as an alternative hemorrhoids treatment you will, as mentioned above, first need to see a TCM practitioner for a TCM diagnosis. A Western medicine diagnosis on its own is not enough to properly prescribe Chinese herbal medicine for hemorrhoids, or any other condition. See the FAQ page for help on finding a practitioner.

Meanwhile you can start looking at possible dietary causes of your hemorrhoids. If you often eat rich, fried, spicy foods, you probably need to consume more natural foods such as vegetables (lightly cooked, not raw) and fruit. For some general TCM dietary guidelines see my Chinese Diet Report.

Any questions about Chinese herbal remedies as an alternative hemorroids treatment, or diet for hemorrhoids, let me know.

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