Chinese Herbal Pain Relief

There are numerous Chinese herbal pain relief methods that have been time-tested over many centuries in China and are available in the West. Some common forms of Chinese natural pain relief include herbal pills, powders and liquids and externally-applied oils and patches.

A Remedy For All Kinds Of Pain

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), of which herbal medicine is a part, has been treating pain for so long there is a herbal pain remedy for virtually every kind of painful condition. Listed below are examples of the types of painful conditions that Chinese herbal medicine can treat.

For some conditions other TCM pain relief methods like acupuncture and massage may also be needed in addition to taking a specific herbal pain remedy. Acupuncture in particular is very effective at stopping pain. There are also self-massage techniques for stopping pain, such as for lower back pain and shoulder pain.

Move The Blood, Stop The Pain

Commonly, Chinese herbal pain relief formulas focus on improving blood flow because in TCM a typical cause of pain is blood stagnation. Move the blood and you stop the pain. However, this is just one natural pain relief approach in TCM. There are various other causes of pain in TCM.

In some cases you can combine Chinese herbal pain relief formulas and other TCM therapies, with Western forms of pain relief such as physiotherapy, chiropractic and pain medication. If you have tried some of these typical Western methods of pain relief and have not gotten a satisfactory result I recommend you consult a professional practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine or acupuncture. The traditional Chinese way of pain relief is well developed, comprehensive, safe and natural.

If you have questions about any of the conditions listed below let me know, I'll be happy to help.

Abdominal Pain: Chinese herbal medicine and Western Medicine (WM) can compliment each other in diagnosing and treating abdominal pain.

Chest Pain: In TCM the organs often associated with chest pain are the heart, lungs and liver. Like abdominal pain, TCM and WM can compliment each other in diagnosing and treating chest pain.

Joint Pain: TCM has been treating pain for over 2,000 years. Treatments for joint pain include herbal remedies, acupuncture and diet.

Lower Back Pain: The classic Chinese lower back pain remedy is a combination of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage and exercise.

Neck Pain: Neck pain, whether from a muscle or spinal problem typically responds well to treatment with herbal remedies as well as acupuncture, massage and neck exercises.

Sore Throat: There are Chinese herbal remedies for all types of sore throat.

Toothache: Outlines the Chinese herbal approach to toothache and offers some classic toothache home remedies.


One thing, don't try to self-diagnose your problem and buy a Chinese herbal pain remedy online or over the counter. Just because a bottle is labeled "natural pain remedy" or says "natural pain relief" it may not be true and even if true does not mean it can do no harm.

I recommend a professional TCM diagnosis by a qualified practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine or acupuncture and this can only be done by face to face consultation. Try if you aren't sure where to find a practitioner.

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