Natural Remedies for
Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Traditional Chinese natural remedies for anxiety and panic attacks have been developed and proven effective over many centuries of use. These natural anxiety cures and panic attack cures are herbal formulas containing up to a dozen or more individual herbs with the overall function of relieving anxiety and panic by regulating and balancing affected organs. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a complete, professional medical system that has been continuously practiced for at least 2000 years, anxiety and panic are generally related to an imbalance in the heart, liver, spleen and/or kidneys.

Specific causes of organ imbalances leading to anxiety and panic attacks include:

  • Irregular lifestyle, e.g. overworking, not enough rest

  • Poor diet

  • Emotional stress, emotional trauma

  • Bad sleeping habits

  • Blood loss through excessive menstrual bleeding and child birth

  • Excessive male ejaculation

  • Long term use of drugs and some medications

Many traditional Chinese natural anxiety cures and panic attack cures also improve appetite, digestion, bowels and sleep, as people with anxiety and panic attacks usually have problems in these areas too. Chinese natural anxiety cures and panic attack cures are comprised of such herbs as rehmannia, zizyphus (pictured below) and dang gui, which have various functions within the formula such as to:

  • Nourish your blood

  • Soothe your nervous system

  • Improve your sleep

  • Calm you down

Chinese herbal formulas are especially good for people with chronic anxiety, nervousness and panic attacks who have been taking Western medicine sedatives and tranquilizers for so long they no longer work and in fact end up causing side effects and addiction without addressing the underlying cause of the problem.

On the other hand, each Chinese natural remedy for anxiety, nervousness and/or panic attacks addresses your main symptoms and the underlying causes - without side-effects and without addiction.

Traditional Chinese natural remedies for anxiety, panic, etc, are highly effective at stopping anxiety and panic attacks due to causes such as those listed above. To know which remedy is right for you, though, you first need a Chinese medical diagnosis from a professional Chinese medicine practitioner, the same way you need a Western medical diagnosis before being prescribed Western Medicine (WM).

A Western medical diagnosis, though, is NOT enough on its own to effectively prescribe or to purchase Chinese herbal remedies. WM and TCM are two completely different medical systems. If you have questions let me know. Two self-help methods you can try for anxiety, panic attacks and other emotional problems are acupressure and breathing exercises.

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