Natural Remedies for Heartburn

There are many Chinese natural remedies for heartburn or acid reflux. Do not have an acid reflux operation as this problem usually responds very well to Chinese herbal medicine and dietary and lifestyle changes. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) poor diet and lifestyle are seen as major causes of heartburn and unless you address these factors you will not get lasting results from any treatment no matter what it is.

Main Cause

Basically, TCM regards this problem as resulting from a liver-stomach imbalance. In TCM these two organs have a close relationship. Eating the wrong foods and excessive emotional stress in the form of frustration and anger are the main things which upset the balance between these two organs.

Food and Heartburn

What foods cause heartburn? In TCM foods that cause heartburn are those which are classified as heating foods. These include fried, greasy foods, spicy foods and also alcohol and coffee. When consumed excessively the stomach becomes too hot. Heat naturally rises and this is the feeling you experience during an attack of heartburn.

Emotions and Heartburn

The liver in TCM is responsible for making you feel relaxed and easy-going. Emotions such as anger, frustration and irritability upset the liver's function when experienced excessively, say on a daily basis. And because of the close relationship between the liver and stomach, liver imbalances directly affect the stomach. If you often feel angry or frustrated or irritable you need to find ways to release these emotions and eliminate what ever situation is causing them.

To sum up, in TCM, liver imbalance due to excessive emotional stress plus a hot stomach due to consuming too many heating foods and drinks is the most common cause of heartburn.

This is why antacids and other medications that only work on the stomach only provide symptomatic relief. Unless you address the emotional factors (liver) and your diet you will never stop your heartburn.

Chinese Medical Diagnosis

Natural acid reflux cures in the form of Chinese herbal remedies are extremely effective due to the holistic approach of addressing the underlying causes of the problem. Liver-stomach imbalance is, as mentioned, the most common cause in TCM.

However, TCM recognizes other causes too. The only way to know the cause in each particular case is to get a TCM diagnosis from a qualified TCM practitioner. As I repeatedly say on this site - a Western medical diagnosis is not enough to effectively prescribe Chinese herbal medicine.

If you suffer from heartburn and antacids or other heartburn medications are not working go and see a TCM practitioner for some Chinese natural remedies for heartburn. If you are not sure how to find a TCM practitioner see FAQ (No.9).

Any questions about traditional Chinese natural remedies for heartburn or foods that cause heartburn, etc, let me know - I'll be happy to help.

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