Chinese Herbal Remedies
for Sinus Headaches

There are some excellent ready-made Chinese herbal remedies for sinus headaches, as well as sinus infection and sinus congestion. These problems may be due to viral or bacterial activity, or food allergies, or pollen allergies.

This article focuses on remedies for sinus headaches. Chinese herbal sinus headache remedies relieve sinus headache symptoms like pain and discomfort in the forehead and cheek region and congested nasal passages, and are often combined with other remedies to treat underlying, constitutional causes of the problem.

Still other remedies may be used during remission stages to prevent further episodes of the problem. Introduced below are several common Chinese herbal remedies for sinus headaches.

Chinese Herbal Remedies for Sinus Headaches

1. Magnolia Flower Pills (Xin Yi Wan in Chinese)

This first sinus headache remedy is analgesic (stops pain) and anti-inflammatory. It may be used for acute sinus problems with symptoms such as pain in the sinus and cheek area, frontal headache, stuffy nose, runny nose with watery or white nasal discharge, sneezing and loss of smell. The main ingredients are magnolia flower, which opens the nose, and atractylodes, which dries dampness.

2. Nasal Allergy Pills (Bi Min Gan Wan)

This second sinus headache remedy unblocks the nasal passages, reduces inflammation and stops sinus pain. It may be used in cases of sinus headache or pain with thick, sticky yellow or green nasal discharge which may be hard to expectorate. This remedy contains such ingredients as magnolia and xanthium to open the nose, and mint and chrysanthemum to clear heat from the head.

3. Cnidium & Tea Pills (Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Wan)

This remedy is antipyretic (stops fever), analgesic and diaphoretic (promotes sweating) and may be used for common cold with headache, facial pain and blocked sinuses. Other symptoms indicating its use include chills, mild fever, stiff neck, aching muscles and a watery nasal discharge. The major herbs in this remedy are mint, which clears the head and eyes, and cnidium, which relieves pain. This herbal remedy may be taken with hot green tea, hot soup or hot rice congee to encourage sweating, which helps to clear pathogens from the body.

4. Tiger Balm

This is a sinus headache remedy unlike the others, above. Tiger Balm is an analgesic ointment that you can rub into your temples, forehead and the sides of your nose to relieve headache from sinus congestion. It may also be used for common cold headache, aches and pains due to exercise or overwork, and rubbed on the chest to relieve chest congestion.

There are two kinds of Tiger Balm, red and white. Both contain ingredients such as camphor and teatree oil in a parrafin base. Red Tiger Balm also contains cinnamon oil, which is heating and therefore good for pain associated with cold or cold weather. White Tiger Balm is more cooling and is better for pain associated with heat, such as inflammatory conditions.

Chinese herbal remedies offer an effective, natural cure for sinus headache, sinus congestion and sinus infection but only if you take the right remedy at the right dose. And, as mentioned, you will probably also need an additional herbal remedy to address the underlying cause of the problem.

Chinese medicine practitioners may also treat sinus headaches (and other sinus problems) with acupuncture. And to enhance the effectiveness of your herbal or acupuncture treatments they may also recommend certain home remedies for sinus congestion and sinus headaches. If you have questions about Chinese herbal remedies for sinus headaches, congestion, infection, etc, let me know.

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