Signs of Liver Problems In
Traditional Chinese Medicine

The signs of liver problems in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and also the symptoms of liver problems include not just physical ones but emotional ones too. In TCM when we talk about an organ we mean not just the organ itself but an organ "system" which includes certain body parts and body areas and specific emotions. There are also foods, herbs and exercises which have an affinity for each organ.

The liver in TCM means the organ itself, plus it has a special relationship with the ligaments and tendons, the eyes, the nails, the genitals and the emotion of anger, including irritability and frustration. A main function of the liver is to keep blood moving freely and smoothly. When your liver is functioning well and your blood is circulating well you should feel easy going and relaxed and small matters don't bother you. But if you're someone who sweats the small stuff and you're often uptight or angry, then your liver is out of balance. Fortunately, there are things you can do yourself to balance your liver, such as a healthy liver diet.

When checking for signs of liver problems a TCM doctor looks for:

  • Are your eyes red or bloodshot?
  • Is your face red or possibly yellowish?
  • Do you seem uptight, impatient or depressed?
  • Do you speak calmly or with irritability or frustration in your voice?
  • Is your blood pressure high?
  • Does the pulse on your wrist feel like a tight bowstring?

Symptoms of liver problems you might experience:

  • Stiff, tight ligaments and tendons making it difficult to bend and stretch
  • Often feel angry, uptight, frustrated, irritable and/or depressed
  • Bitter taste in the mouth
  • Migraines or stress headaches
  • Constipation or diarrhea or sometimes one, sometimes the other
  • In women, PMS, irregular periods, period pain and cramps

There are other signs and symptoms of liver problems according to TCM. To confirm a liver imbalance you won't necessarily need to have all of them though.

Fatty Liver, Elevated Liver Enzymes

Western medicine testing may find you have elevated liver enzymes or an enlarged or fatty liver or some other liver-type problem identified through blood testing or other tests. If so, and you also have some of the TCM signs of liver problems or some of the symptoms of liver problems, there are things you can do yourself in addition to what a TCM doctor or Western medicine doctor can do for you. You can modify your diet and lifestyle and do specific exercises and other things. After all, it is likely that your diet and lifestyle caused the problem in the first place, or greatly contributed to it. Therefore, the correct diet and lifestyle should restore balance.

To find out more about your liver including:

  • Which foods and lifestyle factors upset the liver most
  • The TCM healthy liver diet
  • Healthy liver lifestyle habits
  • Common herbal remedies for the liver
  • Exercises for liver problems
  • Relaxation techniques for liver stress, and more...

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